Town of Bridger

Statutory References For Montana Municipalities (2013)





The statutory references direct the code user to those portions of the state statutes that are applicable to the laws of the municipality. This reference list is up-to-date through July, 2001. As the statutes are revised, these references will be updated by LexisNexis.


General Provisions


Local government

Montana Const. Art. XI


General powers of municipalities

MCA Title 7, Ch. 1


Classification of municipalities

MCA 7-1-4111 et seq.


Annexations of land

MCA 7-2-4201 et seq.


Form of municipal ordinances

MCA 7-5-101 et seq.; 7-5-4201 et seq.


Codification of ordinances

MCA 7-5-107 et seq.


Statute of limitations

MCA 27-2-211


Penalties for ordinance violations

MCA 7-5-109; 7-5-4207


Administration and Personnel


Commission--Executive plan of government

MCA 7-3-201 et seq.


Commission--Manager plan of government

MCA 7-3-301 et seq. and 7-3-4401 et seq.


Commission plan of government

MCA 7-3-401 et seq. and MCA 7-3-4201 et seq.

Commission--Chairman plan of government

MCA 7-3-501 et seq.


Town meeting plan of government

MCA 7-3-601 et seq.


Charter plan of government

MCA 7-3-701 et seq.


Strong mayor plan

MCA 7-3-4101 et seq.


Council powers in general

MCA 7-5-4101 et seq.


Council meetings

MCA 7-5-4121 et seq.



MCA 7-4-4301 et seq.


Municipal officers

MCA 7-4-4101 et seq.


Compensation of municipal officers and employees

MCA 7-4-4201 et seq.


Municipal Clerk

MCA 7-4-4501 et seq.


City Attorney

MCA 7-4-4601 et seq.


City Treasurer

MCA 7-4-4701

Police and fire departments

MCA 7-32-4101 et seq. and 7-33-4101 et seq.


Qualifications of law enforcement officers

MCA § 7-32-301 et seq.


Planning boards and zoning commissions

MCA Title 76, Chs. 1 and 2


Cultural, social services and recreation

MCA Title 7, Ch. 16


Municipal and city courts

MCA Title 3, Chs. 6 and 11


Municipal elections

MCA 7-5-4401 et seq.


Local government records

MCA § 2-6-401 et seq.


Local disaster planning

MCA § 10-3-401 et seq.


Revenue and Finance


Local government budget act

MCA 7-6-4001 et seq.


Deposit and investment of public money

MCA 7-6-201 et seq.


Public contracts

MCA Title 18


Claims against municipalities

MCA 7-6-4301 et seq.


Municipal taxation

MCA 7-6-4401 et seq.


Resort tax

MCA 7-6-4461 et seq.



Debt management

MCA 7-7-101 et seq.


Business Taxes, Licenses and Regulations


Municipal licensing authority

MCA 7-21-4101 et seq.


Liquor regulation and licenses

MCA 16-3-301 et seq.; 16-4-503


Businesses and professions

MCA Title 7, Ch. 21


Itinerant vendors

MCA 7-21-230-1 et seq.


Transient retail merchants

MCA 7-21-2401 et seq.



MCA 7-21-2501 et seq.




Control and protection of domestic animals

MCA 7-23-4101 et seq.


Cruelty to animals

MCA 45-8-211



MCA 7-23-101 et seq.


Health and Safety



MCA Title 50


Local boards of health

MCA Title 50, Ch. 2


Solid waste management

MCA 75-10-112

Abatement of nuisances

MCA 7-5-4104


Open ditches

MCA 7-31-4201 et seq.



MCA 7-33-4206 and MCA Title 50, Ch. 37


Smoke abatement

MCA 7-31-101 et seq.


Weed control

MCA 7-22-4101


Public Peace, Morals and Welfare


Montana Criminal Code

MCA Title 45


Principles of construction and liability

MCA Title 45, Chs. 1, 2 and 3



MCA 23-5-110 et seq.



MCA 53-24-106



MCA Title 41


Powers of municipal councils

MCA 7-32-4301 et seq.


Vehicles and Traffic


Motor vehicles generally

MCA Title 61


Traffic regulation

MCA Title 61, Ch. 8

Specific local authority

MCA 61-8-103 and 61-12-101 et seq.


Abandoned vehicles

MCA 61-12-401 et seq.


Municipal regulation generally

MCA 7-14-4101 et seq.; 7-14-4201 et seq.; 7-14-4301 et seq.; 7-14-4401 et seq.


Streets, Sidewalks and Public Places



MCA 7-14-4501 et seq.


Municipal authority over trafficways and public grounds

MCA 7-14-4101 et seq.


Street grades

MCA 7-14-4201 et seq.


Pedestrian malls

MCA 7-14-4701 et seq.



MCA 7-16-4101


Cemetery services

MCA Ch. 7-35


Public Services


Municipal utility services

MCA 7-13-4101 et seq.


Sewage and water systems

MCA 7-13-4201 et seq.; 7-13-4301 et seq.; 7-13-4401 et seq.


Special improvement districts

MCA 7-12-4101 et seq.


Buildings and Construction


Municipal housing and construction generally

MCA 7-15-4101 et seq.

Municipal construction standards

MCA 7-15-4121


Housing authorities

MCA 7-15-4401 et seq. and 7-15-4501 et seq.


Floodplain and Floodway Management

MCA 76-5-101 et seq.




Subdivisions and platting generally

MCA 76-3-101 et seq.


Municipal regulation

MCA 76-3-501 et seq.




Municipal zoning

MCA 76-2-301 et seq.


Floodplain and floodway management

MCA 76-5-301 et seq.