Town of Bridger

Rules of Civil Procedure

Rule 1.  Scope of Rules

Rule 2.  Commencement of Action

Rule 3.  Place of Trial or Venue

Rule 4.  Persons -- Jurisdiction -- Process -- Service

Rule 5.  Service and Filing of Pleadings and other Papers, Excluding Summons

Rule 6.  Time

Rule 7.  Pleadings Allowed

Rule 8.  Amendment of Pleadings

Rule 9.  Motins and other Papers

Rule 10.  Naming of Parties to Action

Rule 11.  Substitution of Parties

Rule 12.  Joinder of Claims and Parties Necessary for Just Adjudication

Rule 13.  Discovery

Rule 14.  Pretrial Conferences

Rule 15.  Right of Jury Trial

Rule 16.  Failure to Apper or Proceed

Rule 17.  Costs

Rule 18.  Jury

Rule 19.  Order of Trial

Rule 20.  Notice of Trial

Rule 21.  Entry of Judgment

Rule 22.  Relief from Judgment

Rule 23.  Execution

Rule 24.  Appeal to District Court