Town of Bridger

Representing Yourself

Anybody has the the right to represent themself in court.  However, doing so carries dangers and disadvantages.  The laws and rules relating to procedure and evidence must be followed.  If they are not, that can adversely affect your case.  The case may be complex.  Representing yourself may involve a great deal of legal work such as research, filing motions, paying attention to court dates and deadlines, entering into negotiations with the opposing side, figuring out how to elicit the best evidence for your case., not letting your emotions cloud your judgment, conducting yourslef at hearings, questioning witnesses, etc.  These are all things a lawyer could capably do for you.  There is no substitute for a good lawyer.  Your decision to represent yourself should be a careful and weighty one.  It may have significant long-term effects upon your life.

If you understand what is at stake and voluntarily, unequivocally, and without reservation choose to represent yourself, here are some resources that you may consult: