Town of Bridger

Preface (2013)



The Bridger Municipal Code is a codification of the general and permanent ordinances of Bridger, Montana. The ordinances were compiled, edited and indexed under the direction of P. Bruce Harper, town attorney. This volume covers ordinances through Ordinance 38, passed November 6, 2001.

The code is organized by subject matter under an expandable three-factor decimal numbering system which is designed to facilitate supplementation without disturbing the numbering of existing provisions. Each section number designates, m sequence, the numbers of the title, chapter, and section. Thus, Section 2.12.040 is Section .040, located in Chapter 2.12 of Title 2. In most instances, sections are numbered by tens (.010, .020, .030, etc.), leaving nine vacant positions between original sections to accommodate future provisions. Similarly, chapters and titles are numbered to provide for internal expansion.

In parentheses following each section is a legislative history identifying the specific sources for the provisions of that section. This legislative history is complemented by a prior code cross-reference table, which sets out the location of individual sections of the prior code, and an ordinance disposition table, following the text of the code, listing by number all ordinances, their subjects, and where they appear in the codification.

A subject-matter index, with complete cross-referencing, locates specific code provisions by individual section numbers.



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