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Posting $135 Expired Registration Bond with PayPal

Figuring out what Your Ticket Charges You with and the Amount of Bond

Just about in the center of your ticket, you should find some small print that reads, "THE ABOVE NAMED DEFENDANT IS CHARGED WITH VIOLATING" followed by some options and lines that should collectively incdicate the portion of Montana law that you are alleged to have violated.

If the MCA is 61-8-502(1), then this is a failure tp yield the right-of-way to a pedestrian in a crosswalk ticket, and the bond is $135.00.

This PayPal button can only be used for failure to yeild the right-of-way to pedestrian in a crosswalk tickets. If you use this button and pay an incorrect amount, your bond will not be considered to have been posted, and your case will remain pending, and the court will notify you of its next steps.

Posting the Bond

If your payment is successful, the court will attempt to match the PayPal payment to a case. If a matching case is found, the court will send you a shipping notice via PayPal with "BCC" as the shipper and the case docket number as the tracking number.

The court will not take any further action on your case until the court date (indicated on the citation) has passed. Then, the court will email you a reciept as a PDF file that explains how your money was applied to your case. This email will be sent from a no-reply email address on the domain.

Only when you have received the PDF receipt should you assume that the payment was successfully applied to your case.

Be Sure that You do not Want to Contest the Ticket

Before you send the court money, you might want think for a moment and be sure that you do not want to contest your ticket. When the court receives your money from PayPal, it assumes that you do not want to contest the ticket and will proceed to enter judgment against you as charged and forfeit your money to satisfy the fine.

If that is not okay with you, then please contact the court and schedule an appearance. Otherwise, click the PayPal button below.