Town of Bridger

Paying Court Fees

CitePayUSA (Online)

You can use CitePayUSA for most money due the Bridger City Court, although it may not work for bonds on speeding tickets or crosswalk violation tickets.  CitePay charges a five percent convenience fee.  (Do not use the Town of Bridger utility payment feature for payments to the court.) The court must enter the citation first in order for it to show up on CitePay.  This will usually happen the first Tuesday after you receive your ticket.  So please wait until then to try to pay it.  Our citation numbers are entered wihtout the O13A prefix, so when you enter your citation number, do not enter the O13A or CitePay will not find your case.

By Mail

Payments may be mailed to the Bridger City Court, PO Box 128, Bridger, MT 59014.

Time Pay Agreements for Paying Fines and Fees

If you have been sentenced to a fine, and you have entered into a Time Pay Agreement to pay it off, you can pay with CitePay for traffic violations (Title 61) and for most criminal violations (Title 45).  There are some criminal violations that cannot be paid on-line.

Posting Bond for Criminal Charges

You cannot post bond for criminal charges on-line.  You also cannot make payments on your Time Pay Agreement For Bond on-line.

Affidavit of Financial Situation

If you owe money to the court and are having trouble paying it, please contact the court to discuss arrangments before the court suspends your driver's license or issues a bench warrant for you.  You will probably be asked to swear to your financial situation.  You can download a PDF file of the Affidavit of Financial Situation to fill out and bring with you.  You may also sign it before a notary.


The court uses Collection Bureau Services to collect on unpaid fines and judgments.