Town of Bridger

Jury Duty

The jury term for the Bridger City Court runs for one year.  It starts on October first and ends on September 30th.

Notices for jury duty are mailed out during the last week of August.

If you receive one, you may notice that it needs to be completed and returned within seven days.  A second notice will follow if the first one hasn't found its way back after slightly more than a week.

If you need another one, you can download a blank form here, but it will not contain your information, so you will need to fill in your full name and mailing address.

Being selected for jury duty does not guarantee that you will be called to serve for a trial.  Jury trials are very rare in Bridger.

If there is a jury trial, a panel of prospective jurors will be selected from the jury pool.  Each juror on the panel will be notified by phone that they are to report for jury duty.

You can read about how juries are selected in Title 3 Chapter 15 of the Montana Code Annotated.