Town of Bridger

Dog Licenses

Dogs are to be licensed in May 1-May 31st.  Tags are $10 during that time.  If you don't get them licensed by that time, the cost goes up to $25 per dog.  Owning more than 3 dogs requires a $50 kennel license.  To obtain a license come to Town Hall at 108 S D St and bring your dogs proof of rabies certificate.  A person taking residency in Town shall have 30 days to purchase a $10 dog license.

Dogs are not allowed to run at large within the Town limits.  All dogs shall be confined on private property of the dog owner, or be within the actual physical control of the owner of his/her assignee at all times of the day or night.

Please be sure your dog is on a leash or under your control.  The Bridger Police Department is good about returning your dog to you if they are found running loose.  Dog tags are important for quick & easy identification.