Town of Bridger

Video Appearances

The Bridger City Court regularly conducts a video chat session of its open court sessions.  When court is in a video chat session a link to join it will be displayed on the court web page.

For most hearings, parties and attorneys may appear via video chat.  For substantive hearings, appearance may be required to be in person.  If you and your attorney are appearing remotely from separate locations, the court may create a break-out room where participants may communicate separately from the court and other attendees.

The court uses Jitsi Meet.  If you are using a smartphone, tablet or other device, you may be asked to install a Jitsi app.  If you are using a web browser, you will need to have Javascript enabled and allow access to your camera and microphone.  The Bridger City Court does not provide any support for connection or configuration problems.  If technolgical issues prevent the hearing from being held, it will not be counted.

Court video chat sessions will be started about thirty minutes before court is scheduled to start.  Please join during that time.  After you have joined, please mute your microphone until your case is called.  Your audio and video are available to the entire court room.  After you case has been heard, you may leave the call.