Town of Bridger

Court Document Web Filing


You may use this form to begin the process of filing a document with the Bridger City Court.   The filing will not be completed until you have recived a stamped PDF file via email from the court.   You should only file documents if you already have a case or a citation.

You may upload files of the following file types. All other file types will fail.

  • File Extension JPG, jpg, JPEG, or jpeg (image/jpeg)
  • File Extension GIF or gif (image/gif)
  • File Extension PNG or png (image/png)
  • File Extension PDF or pdf (application/pdf)

All of the information on the form is required. You must provide either a docket number or a citation number -- or both.   The document description should be a brief statement of what you intend the filing to accomplish (e.g. proof of insurance, list of witnesses, etc.).

If your file is successfully uploaded, you will recieve an automatic response to the email address you provided.

After that happpens, the court will attempt to match your name and docket or citation number to a case.   The court will notify you via email of its results and return your document with a FILED or NOT FILED stamp.   Only when you have received the stamped document back should you assume that the filng was successful.

The Form

Information About The Person Filing

The Document To Be Filed