Town of Bridger

Compliance Court

Anybody Can Appear

Compliance court is a regularly scheduled court date where anybody, including and espically the defendant, can appear and provide the court information about how a defendant is doing with their deferred or suspended sentence.

Appearances may be either remote or in person--just like open court.

Deferred or Suspended Sentence

The case must involve a deferred or suspended sentence, and the period of deferral or suspension must not have yet expired.

Reduction Amount Owed

Each court session that a defendant appears will reduce the balance they owe the court by the amount specified in their sentencing order.

Preventing Revocation

The purpose behind the compliance hearings is to reduce the number of revocation proceedings by making it easier for defendants to let the court know what areas they mght be struggling in of if their circumstances have changed that are making it difficult to comply with their sentence.