Town of Bridger

Town of Bridger Charter


The government of the Town of Bridger shall be organized and shall operate under the provisions of the following charter:


1.  The Mayor-Council shall consist of an elected council and one elected mayor who are elected at large.

2.  The mayor shall:

(a)  Enforce laws, ordinances, and resolutions;

(b)  Perform duties required of him or her by law, ordinance, or resolution;

(c)  Administer affairs of the local government;

(d)  Carry out policies established by the council;

(e)  Recommend measures to the council;

(f)  Report to the council on the affairs and financial condition of the local government;

(g)  Execute bonds, notes, contracts, and written obligations of the commission, subject to the approval of the council;

(h)  Report to the council as the council may require;

(i)  Attend council meetings and may take part in discussions;

(j)  Execute the budget adopted by the council;

(k)  Appoint, with the consent of the council, all members of boards; except, the mayor may appoint without the consent of the council temporary advisory committees established by the mayor.

3.  The town government shall operate in the following manner:

(a)  The mayor may appoint one or more administrative assistants to assist in the supervision and operation of the local government. Such administrative assistants shall be answerable solely to the mayor.

(b)  The mayor may appoint, with the consent of a majority of the council., all department heads. The mayor may remove department heads and may appoint and remove all other department employees.

(c)  The mayor may veto ordinance and resolutions subject to override by a two-thirds vote of the council.

(d)  The mayor may prepare the budget in consultation with the council and department heads.

(e)  The mayor may exercise control and supervision of all departments and boards to the degree authorized by ordinance of the council.

(f)  A treasurer shall be appointed.

(g)  The council shall be elected at large.

(h)  Local government elections shall be conducted on a partisan or non-partisan basis as decided by vote.

(i)  The council shall have a chairperson or president who shall be elected by the members of the council from their own number for a term established by ordinance.

(j)  The presiding officer of the council shall decide all tie votes of the council, but shall have no other vote. The chairperson of the council shall preside if the mayor is absent.

(k)  Two (2) council members shall be elected every two (2) years.

(l)  The size of the council shall be four (4) members, to be elected at large.

(m)  The term of office of mayor shall be two (2) years. The term of office of council shall be four (4) years.

4.  The mayor, subject to the approval of the council shall appoint an advisory council as follows:

(a)  Two citizens of the town, shall be appointed, without pay, to advise the council in each of the following areas:

1.  Sewer, water, and garbage;

2.  Parks and recreation;

3.  Streets and alleys;

4.  Budget and finance;

(b)  The citizen advisory council shall meet semiannually or more, if required.

(c)  Each area of advisory council shall be headed by one council member.

(d)  The council may change specific areas of advisory council authority, if necessary, by ordinance.

(e)  The advisory council shall have no vote, and shall advise the council of public feelings in each area.

(f)  The term of appointment shall be subject to the mayor's discretion.

5.  The Town Government shall have self-government powers subject to the following limitation in taxation:

The town may not levy any tax in excess of that allowed at any time for cities or towns of the class of the Town of Bridger by the legislature or laws of the State of Montana, unless said levy is approved by a majority of the voters in the Town voting upon the issue. Forty percent (40%) of the regular voters must vote before any additional levy can be approved.

We, the Study Commissioners of the Town of Bridger, do hereby certify that this is the official final draft of the Certificate establishing a Charter plan of government for the Town of Bridger, approved by the Study Commissioners of the Town of Bridger.

In testimony whereof, we set our hands.

Done at Bridger this 17th day of June, 1976.